WOA Nightforce Windage Knob



Weight 0.10 lbs

These knobs are intended specifically for the service rifle shooter who tracks windage and elevation in clicks rather than minutes or mils. The windage knob is numbered zero thru 40 each 5th number both right and left.

The click value of your scope is not changed with the addition of the knobs, each click is still .250 MOA, just the method of tracking or recording your zero or wind correction is changed. Rather than a zero of 4.750 MOA for 300 yards for example, it would be 19 clicks. Rather than a windage correction of 2.250 minutes, it would be 9 clicks. Most shooters who learned service rifle shooting with iron sights will find this much easier to keep track of. Even those who did not learn on iron sights will likely find this much easier to use.

Click here to read an article by renowned service rifle shooter Konrad Powers on his use of clicks rather than minutes.

NOTE:  These knobs are compatible with Nightforce SR-1 and SR-2 service rifle scopes.  If you wish to use these knobs on any other Nightforce scope we suggest you contact Nightforce tech support to see if your scope is compatible with Nightforce Windage Knob p/n S274A and Nighforce Elevation Knob p/n SA281.

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