White Oak Armament Upper Receiver Fixture



Weight 2.40 lbs

Another unique item from White Oak that is on our workbenches and should be on yours! This fixture is very easy to use and almost goof proof.

Unlike other action rods this one does not put the load on the extension lugs or the index pin – no more sheared index pins! The tool comes with a pin that locks into the clearance hole already machined into your receiver. This pin system allows for torque to be applied to the entire receiver rather than concentrating it on one specific point, eliminating excessive pressure on the index pin.

A second pin has a cutout which allows for installation the gas tube while in the fixture. The pin system also allows for easy rotation of the upper between the 12 and 6 o'clock positions.

Our design does not interfere with handguard installation and allows visual alignment of the gas tube hole with the barrel nut.

This receiver fixture will work with any mil spec receiver – billet, slickside and traditional forged receivers – and unlike clamshells it will not mar your receiver.

White Oak Upper Receiver Fixture Instructions

 How to use:

  1. Place the rod in your vice.
  2. Remove your carrier group and charging handle
  3. Put the receiver onto the rod lining up the hole in the rod with the round cut out closest to the chamber.
  4. For assembly and disassembly work use the pin with the cut out which will need to be oriented to allow the gas tube to pass through it (dimples on the pin allow you to know when you’re aligned correctly).
  5. When torqueing the barrel nut (either installing or removing) the solid pin is recommended.