White Oak Armament Ruger Precision Barrels

As low as $370.00

This item is temporarily out of stock and will be placed on backorder. In 24 - 48 hours you will receive notification of estimated lead time via email. Please note that backordered barrels and uppers are currently running about 12 weeks. Your credit card is not charged until the item ships.

Ruger Precision Match Grade Barrel machined from a stainless steel button rifled blank. The finished barrel is 26" long with a threaded muzzle (5/8x24) and polished to a satin finish.

Available in 6.5 Creedmoor (1-8 Twist) or 6mm Creedmoor (1-7.7 Twist).

Our barrel arrives ready to install on your Ruger Precision Rifle. Each barrel ships with our exclusive thread protector installed.  Our thread protector is precision machined to match the threads on your barrel and extends forward to shield the shoulder. This ensures that the threads and shoulder are not damaged during shipment or any time the barrel is removed from the rifle.

Designed for ease of serviceability and customization, the Ruger Precision Rifle utilizes many parts and characteristics of the AR-15 platform.

Unique to White Oak, our RPR barrels are designed to further enhance this unique characteristic – all White Oak Armament RPR barrels incorporate an untapered section of barrel just forward of the chamber that is correctly sized to fit into readily available AR-15 barrel vise jaws making barrel removal and installation even easier.

Additionally the forward section of the barrel just behind the muzzle is straight as well, making it even easier for a gunsmith or machinist to chuck the barrel for cutting and crowning should you decide you want a little shorter barrel.

These changes are virtually unnoticeable, but work to further enhance the versatility of the platform by allowing even easier optimization and customization of the platform for your specific application if so desired.