FFL Transfers

Incoming FFL Dealer transfers: We can receive your purchases from GunBroker, Brownells, Midway USA, or any other FFL dealer. Transfers are done by appointment only.

Once you've completed the purchase, notify us so we can handle the transaction with your vendor. Upon receipt of the firearm, we recommend you come in to the shop at your earliest convenience to fill out the paperwork necessary for your background (NICS) check. Your waiting period starts when you fill out the paperwork and can include the time your firearm is in shipment mode. NOTE: A VALID ILLINOIS FOID (Firearms Owners IDentification) card is required. Transfer fee is $35.

Outgoing transfers: If you are selling a firearm we can assist with the transfer. You must have a valid Illinois FOID card. We only ship firearms to authorized FFL dealers and will need a fax/email copy of the receiving dealers FFL. White Oak will arrange parcel pick up with the carrier. Transfer fee is $35 plus shipping costs.

For transfers and FFL questions please email or contact Dawn at 309-376-2288.


Rebarrel - Service Rifles & Match Rifles

When it's time to put a new White Oak barrel on your Service or Match upper give us a call. We will ensure the work is done properly and it returns to you shooting like a brand new upper. When rebarreling your upper we take the opportunity to give it a thorough check-up. We install a new gas tube, if the bolt is worn and out of spec we will replace it. Any other small parts that show excessive wear will be replaced, if we notice any serious issues with the upper we will let you know.

The total cost of a rebarrel will be the price of the barrel plus labor (labor fee is $75 for a White Oak upper, or $90 for other uppers) plus any other small parts that are replaced. 

Please email office@whiteoakarmament or contact us at 309-376-2288 to schedule your re-barrel.


Bead Blasting 

We can bead blast any of our barrels. If you wish to have your barrel bead blasted please put a note in the comments box at checkout and we will add it to your invoice when we process your order. Bead blasting is $1.50 per inch of barrel. (ie on an 18" barrel it's an extra $27, on a 24" barrel it will be $36)


Conversion to Optics

Ready to try shooting a scope in Service Rifle but your upper is an A2? We can convert your A2 upper to an optics-ready upper for just $308, which includes shipping back to you. 

The conversion consists of replacing your A2 receiver with an A4 flattop and replacing the front sight base with our Service Rifle gas block. After the upper is re-assembled we test fire it before shipping back to you.The parts we replaced are returned to you with the upper.

Uppers for conversion can be shipped to White Oak Arms, 101 S. Perry St., Carlock, IL  61725. Enclose a note indicating the upper is to be converted to optics and be sure to enclose your name, contact information and return shipping address. You may enclose a check for $308 or call us with payment information.

Please email office@whiteoakarmament with any questions or contact us at 309-376-2288.

Custom Gas Tubes

We have the ability to make custom gas tubes up to a maximum length of 21 inches. You will need to provide the total overall length desired as well as whether you want a standard bend, straight tube or custom bend is desired. Custom tubes are $35 and can be ordered here. Or if you prefer you may call to place an order.