SDM Fluting, Rifle Gas System



Weight 0.00 lbs

Squad Designated Marksman (SDM) fluting was inspired by the Army's SDM-R rifle and generally features 10-12 flutes under the handguard only.

 SDM flutes are not like ordinary flutes, they are deeper and narrower than traditional flutes. This style of fluting increases the surface area by 75% which allows the barrel to cool more rapidly. It also reduces the weight of the barrel. On a 16" barrel it takes off about half a pound, and almost a full pound on the 26". When fluting we make 3 passes to get the flutes to their final depth. Making 3 passes reduces stress put on the barrel during the fluting process.

*This price does not include barrel. If you want fluting please place this item in your shopping cart with the barrel to order a fluted barrel*