Lower Parts Kit - Enhanced



Weight 0.50 lbs

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Our White Oak Armament Enhanced Lower Parts Kit contains all the parts needed to complete your lower EXCEPT a trigger.

In this kit the Takedown Pin and Pivot Pin have a black nitride finish for exceptional durability.

The kit include the following items: Safety Selector (3ss), Safety Selector Spring (3sss), Safety Detent (3sd), Pistol Grip (3pg), Pistol Grip Screw (3pgs), Pistol Grip Lock Washer (3pglw), Bolt Catch (3bc), Bolt Catch Spring (3bcs), Bolt Catch Spring Pin (3bcspn), Bolt Catch Plunger (3bcp), Mag Catch (3mc), Mag Catch Spring (3mcs), Mag Catch Release Button (3mcrb), Trigger Guard (3tg), Trigger Guard Pin (3tgp) Nitride Pivot Pin (3Npp), Buffer Retainer (3br), Buffer Retainer Spring (3brs), Nitride Takedown PinĀ (3Ntdp), and 2 each of Takedown/Pivot Pin Spring (3tdps) and Takedown/Pivot Pin Detent (3tdpd)