Dry Fire Device



Weight 0.50 lbs

This unique device was created to give you the most realistic dry fire experience possible while at the same time ensuring you will not damage your equipment. 

Safety first! This us the ultimate in safe dry fire training as it requires complete removal of the carrier group and installs through the top of the magwell before placing the upper onto your lower.

Very easy to use. A lever on the front edge (towards the shooter) allows you to reset the trigger without breaking your position. Great for realistic practice.

For highpower shooters the size and profile are the same as the 20 round magazine used in highpower.

Works with electronic trainers such as SCATT or Noptel - an adjustable screw and nut are included. The screw contacts the underside of the charging handle and the vibration is transferred to the upper receiver and detected by the electronic trainer.

This product was developed by Friendsville Precision with input from John Holliger of White Oak Armament for a version that would be suited perfectly for the highpower competitor.

A great option for your off-season training. A handy tool for any coach.

Works with any AR-15.

US PATENT 10,094,634