White Oak 4-STAR Muzzle Brake Assembly

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White Oak 4-Star Muzzle Brake
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The White Oak 4 Star Muzzle Brake was designed in cooperation with David Tubb of Superior Shooting Systems. I first became familiar with David Tubb’s new 5-Star muzzle brakes when installing them on barrels for his new Adaptive Target Rifle. I really liked the unique features however the brake was just too big for an AR15 rifle. So we got together with David and his engineering team and together came up with the White Oak 4-Star Muzzle Brake designed specifically for the AR15 platform.

This new WOA 4-Star Brake retains the unique features of the SSS 5-Star brake in a smaller, lighter package -- more in keeping with AR15 rifles and the smaller cartridges they use. Changes include reducing the size to 5/8x24 and the number of ports reduced from 5 to 4 (hence 4-Star brake). We retained the trailing lock nut idea with a few unique tweaks of our own.

The trailing lock nut adds ease of installation and versatility to the brake. We recommend that barrels be threaded for a length of .900”. With this threading the nut is simply threaded all the way onto the barrel. The brake is then screwed onto the barrel until it contacts the nut then backed off until it is correctly oriented. The nut is then screwed forward against the brake to lock it in position. The nut is counter-bored on the back side to provide a seamless, gap free installation for an attractive, finished look.

The WOA 4-Star Brake comes pre-drilled at .250” diameter for .224 caliber and smaller bore diameters. For use on larger calibers the brake will need opened up by a qualified gunsmith. We suggest boring the brake no less than .020” over bullet diameter. Even more will not hurt a thing, within reason.

Some of the features of Tubb's brake which are incorporated into the White Oak 4-Star brake include the port design. By designing the brake with horizontal ports instead of the traditional vents or gills, gasses are re-directed in a more outward direction lessening the concussion and blast forces felt by the shooter, and those next to the shooter. In addition, these ports are designed for "counter-torsional gas direction" -- the ports on the left side are swept up to counteract the barrel torque when the bullet travels down the barrel. 

 These design features reduce the recoil of the rifle lessening shooter fatigue and also keep the sight picture as uninterrupted as possible.

The brake and nuts are purchased separately depending on your requirements.

Nuts are available with either a .765” or .865" counter bore diameter and are available separately. If you have the longer .900” threads the nuts may also be used to time most other brakes.

For barrels threaded the standard .625“ length the brake may be used without the locking nut, just time as you would any other muzzle brake using either a peel or crush washer.


The locking nut is used in place of a crush washer or peel washer and makes timing any device easy. The nut is reusable and there are no limitations on positioning your muzzle device.

Thread the nut all the way onto the barrel (do not tighten).  Next thread your muzzle device onto the barrel.  When the muzzle device is at your desired positioned hold the muzzle device in place and back the locking nut up to the device and tighten the locking nut against the muzzle device. When fully tightened against each other they will both be held securely in place.

The nuts are machined with a flat surface which works with our 4-Star Wrench to aid in tightening the nut.

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