White Oak TR M-LOK Handguard

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White Oak TR M-LOK Handguard (12.6")
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White Oak TR M-LOK Handguard (14.6")
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INTRODUCING our new White Oak TR Series M-LOK Handguard. Available in 12.6" and 14.6" lengths.

The White Oak TR Series handguard with M-LOK allows the user a wide variety of customization options. The tube is octagonal with a full length Picatinny rail in the 12 o’clock position. The remaining six sides and the bottom are configured for M-LOK accessories along their entire length. The 8-sided design has the added benefit of providing a flat bottom surface.

Two key goals in designing our rail were 1) to ensure a stable, free float handguard with minimal flex when pressure is applied, and 2) to make a rail which will work with virtually any gas block. We accomplished the first goal by making a longer barrel nut and increasing the space between the clamping screws. This results in a very stable handguard.

The key to eliminating the gas block issue was simply the length of the tube. Most handguards come in 12", 13", 15" lengths. This means the front of the tube must cover the gas block or stop half an inch behind the gas block leaving the gas tube and barrel exposed behind the gas block. Our lengths of 12.6" and 14.6" are designed to stop just at the rear of the gas block. This will allow you to use an adjustable gas block and have clear access to the adjustment mechanism, or use a larger gas block which may not fit under the handguard and still have a clean look without an exposed gas tube.

If you wish to cover your gas block our handguard will fit over low profile gas blocks, the ID of the handguard is 1.3785. 

The 12.6" length stops just behind the gas block on a barrel with a rifle length gas system, or covers the gas block on a carbine or mid. The 14.6" length stops just behind the gas block on an extended gas system (+2") or can be used to cover the gas block just as you would with a 15" tube.

The rail is anodized aluminum. The barrel nut and the screws have a black nitride finish to prevent corrosion. Black nitride by H&M.

Package includes the handguard, barrel nut, screws, hex key, and installation instructions.

A strap wrench can be used to tighten the barrel nut, or you may use our Barrel Nut Tool.

Lengths Available: 12.6”, 14.6”
Inner Diameter: 1.3785" ID, additional .5255" gas tube clearance at top
Weight: 12.6" - 15 oz, 14.6" - 17oz
Blasted and Nitride Finished Barrel Nut 
Nitrided Steel Screws
Tube Hardcoat Anodized Finish
Octagonal Tube
Full length picatinny top rail M-LOK on sides and bottom

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