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The New WOA Adjustable Buttstock is here!

Okay, here it is! Ever since introducing the original White Oak Precision Adjustable Buttstock, it has been my desire to have a less expensive version of it available. Well, it has only taken 14 years to get it done, but we finally did it. The new stock has all the adjustment of the original with the exception of cheek piece elevation. The fixed cheekpiece allowed us to reduce the price by nearly half and eliminates the need for the side mounted cocking handle on your carrier, saving you even more.



The following new buttstock accessories work with both our original White Oak Precision 6-way Adjustable Buttstock as well as the newly introduced WOA Adjustable Buttstock.


Buttstock Weight                                                                            Bag Rider



Tubb T2K Barrels currently in stock!

We currently have a selection of T2K barrels available for immediate shipping.  Includes barrels chambered in both 6XC and 6.5 Creedmoor including a couple barrels longer than our standard 26" length.  See our T2K Barrels page for descriptions and pricing.  Once a barrel is sold out, the Buy Now button will disappear.


New Products!

We've added another option for our Match Rifle shooters! For those who wish to attach a rail-mounted accessory to their match rifle, we now offer a short 3-inch piece of rail which can be installed in the slot of our match rifle float tube. The kit includes 3" rail, t-nut and screws.




We have also added a new length to our varmint barrel choices. You may now order a 22-inch White Oak varmint barrel in 1-8 twist.  This new barrel is in stock now!



We’ve just added a new product for our Match Rifle competitors . . . a stop collar for our adjustable buttstock.  Also, watch for more match rifle accessories coming soon, including a weight for the adjustable buttstock and a short picatinny rail for our match rifle float tube.