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With all the talk of scoped service rifles, John decided to go to the range and see for himself what a scoped service rifle could do.  Read about it here  Playing with a Scoped Service Rifle.


We have a selection of varmint uppers in stock and a good supply of varmint barrels.  Give us a call, we should be able to ship most varmint uppers quickly.


ALSO IN STOCK:  Mid-weight Predator Barrel in .20 Practical!  We ran a very limited number of mid-weight predator barrels in .20 Practical.  They are a special run and only available while the current supply lasts.  You can find more information and purchase the barrel here.


When Guns & Ammo decided they wanted to do a barrel length vs velocity test they asked if we could take one of our 26" barrels and notch the barrel at 1" intervals so they could cut it off 1" at a time as they did their testing.  We thought it sounded crazy -- and interesting.  So we made the barrel for them and the results are in the recently published AR-15 edition of Guns & Ammo.  Patrick Sweeney shares his results and includes a handy reference chart.




 Our new Highpower Dry Fire Device was well received by shooters at Camp Perry.   Watch John demonstrate it in the video below.