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  A $555 value, ONLY $479!


There are few things as satisfying as building your own AR15 upper just the way you like it. This kit will give you everything you need for your build without forcing you to purchase parts you don’t want. Just add any forearm, gas block, and muzzle device you want for your perfect build!

Upper Kit includes: 
- A4 Upper Receiver with M4 ramps 
- Forward Assist
- Ejection port cover door, rod and spring 
- Complete Bolt Carrier Group
- Charging Handle
- Gas Tube

- And our 18” SPR (Special Purpose Rifle) Barrel with Mid Length Gas System, available in your choice of 1-7 or 1-8 twist

Retail Price: $555.00     Cyber Monday Sale Price: $479.00


New Item


Service Rifle Gas Blocks – for those who are looking to eliminate the front sight on your service rifle, finding a suitable gas block can be difficult.  This gas block will accommodate any service rifle float tube, has the correct .275 gas port location for service rifle barrels, and is long enough to hide the flats for a clean, neat installation.


We also have A4 Receivers without M4 feed ramps which will work with a standard service rifle barrel that does not have M4 ramps.




White Oak Shop Apron

This durable apron is the same one we wear here in the shop.  Made of cotton canvas and embroidered with White Oak Armament on the front, it has two generous side pockets as well as chest pockets for a pencil, notepad or small instruments.

It is machine washable, seams are reinforced and the thread is oil and solvent resistant nylon.  The neck strap has a velcro adjustment and the apron is knee length with long waist ties.

A perfect Christmas gift for your favorite gunsmith.   Introductory price $33.  (retail $39)



Service Rifle Optics Height . . .

We continue getting calls about scopes and equipment for the new CMP rules.  We developed a guide to help you select which riser and scope rings to use.   

We started with the nominal sight height dimensions for an A2 National Match rear sight. As the linked diagram shows, the center of the aperture when the sight is adjusted to its lowest point is nominally 2.575”. This will give you an idea of how high to set your scope. If you find that the nominal iron sight height works for you, then shoot for a setup that puts you in the 2.575” to 2.675” range. If you’ve always found that you had to compromise your head position to get the proper sight alignment, now you can get adjust the optics to fit your individual needs. By using the dimension on the diagram you can now make an informed decision when choosing your equipment.

Some thoughts on scopes and weight . . .

I have been getting a lot of calls and e-mails about reducing weight for the new scoped SR rules. First of all my initial feeling is that the barrel is the last place that I want to reduce weight. I would rather take it off somewhere that will not have any possibility of affecting performance. This being said, if you want to utilize one of the heavier scopes, some weight removal from the barrel may be needed. Balance point is another factor to consider. By changing where the weight is removed from the barrel, we can effect the balance point of the rifle to suit the shooter. With this in mind, I started looking at the possibilities that could be utilized to customize a barrel for a particular set-up. Our SDM fluting, with 12 deep flutes, takes off the most weight per inch of barrel fluted at 1.5oz per inch. If you needed to take off 6 oz. of weight, we could flute a 4” section of barrel under the handguard to make the weight limit. These flutes could be near the breach end of the barrel, or they could be just behind the front sight, depending on if the shooter wanted to keep the rifle somewhat muzzle heavy, or if he wanted to shift the balance point towards the rear slightly.

Keep in mind, our standard flat top service rifle with a MagPul UBR stock and a Leupold Mark AR scope comes in at 11.4 lbs without taking any weight off the barrel. At 9.6 oz this is a very light scope. Many of the other scopes that are being considered for utilization are considerably heavier and may require removal of some weight from the rifle.

For custom fluting of SR barrels, just let us know how much weight you need removed, and where you would like it removed from. Pricing is a fixed $20 set-up charge, plus $15 per inch of fluting. Keep in mind that each inch is 1.5 oz. of weight removed.  Please call if you are interested.